Our organization HOPE - Help for missing persons was founded by the parents of missing
children and joung people in Slovakia.

The mission of our organization is providing the help to families in seeking for their missing
relatives. We are offering our experience and professional help.

Basic programme of our organization is :

- guidance and counselling for families of missing children and joung people
- crisis intervention
- psychological and pedagogical counselling for families of missing persons,
  psychological therapy
- promotion and presentation missing children and young people in our country
  and abroad
- prompt reaction and collaboration with media ( TV, newspapers )
- collaboration with the Slovak Police, Interpol and organizations helping
  and searching for missing persons in Slovakia and abroad
- international exchange of information about these problems
- preventive and educational activities, seminars, teaching children self protection,
  publisching information materials regarding problems of missing people
  and problems of trafficking in people

We welcome every help to support our activities.

" Every human is precious and unique and the one we help to find,
           might mean the whole world for someone . "